Adventures in Sane Living

I begin this blog with hope. I choose to believe this world and it’s people are preparing to make a turn towards being more compassionate, thoughtful, intelligent, and loving towards themselves, each other and the earth that provides for them. So, I’m putting time and effort into creating a space that supports these ideals. I don’t have the answers, but I can share the things that are helping me in my adventures (to find) sane living.

To that end I’ve broken down the things that I focus on into a few categories:

LOVE. It’s the first thing because it’s the first thing. It’s the overarching theme to everything here. I’m not going to pass along anything that doesn’t come from a place of love. Simply, this is: if it doesn’t come from a place of love, it doesn’t belong in life. That goes for everything from dealing with catastrophic failure to feeling bad because you hate your body. Those things are always going to be there, you have to learn to love and start from there. (Not that this is easy. The key word is always ADVENTURE.)

FOOD. It’s the second thing because it’s the second thing. Our first experience of love is through food and being fed as a baby. As we grow older it becomes a form of identity: we show where we’re from and how we commune through the food that we eat. It’s familial, generational, social, ideological… the basis for movement, breath, sharing, celebrating, giving and receiving. In short; it’s everything.

It gives us an experience for every sense.

It transports us to other times.

It comforts us.

But it’s been twisted. We spend so much time concerned about what and how much we’re eating and the science behind it that we’ve forgotten just how simple the whole thing is – eat good foods, from as close to the earth as possible, prepared as well as you know how, with people you love. I support simple clean eating and sharing food, with my recipes, thoughts and techniques.

LIVE. Are the choices you’re making supporting the way you want to live? ARE YOU LIVING?

SPIRIT. For me spirt is about more than religion and spirituality. Spirit is cleaning up all of our emotional baggage and the things that get in the way of allowing us to live the way that is the most natural to us. Spiritual cleansing makes us feel alive and allows us to drop the behaviors and attitudes that don’t work for us in our lives. This is hard, challenging work which can be the most painful and beneficial in your life.

ME. I’m Kris Hase; searcher of answers, questioner of everything, thinker of thoughts…. teller of stories. (Also, a damn fine cooker of food.)

Welcome, I’m glad you’re here.