Be a giver….

Something I always find interesting is the people in digital marketing who deeply care about the customers and businesses they serve. This talk delves into ways to make those people more successful.

Developing Your Growth Mindset

While this video and the concepts of developing a growth mindset isn’t obviously related to digital marketing, I feel like it may prove to be an important part of Journey Building for customers. In a typical business scenario, you are offering a solution to customer problems but there are situations where your product or service will benefits from you or a community of your users helping them to push beyond where they are right now. What if the journey is both for your marketing, and the growth of your customer? I can see how this could play out for anything from someone who sells rock climbing equipment to wine sellers to life coaches to neighborhood restaurants. When you provide an environment where people overcome their fears of trying things, like taking a kayak adventure down the Nile, they then become your salesforce and the best brand advocates you can have. What do you think?